The Lumiere Brothers and the Cinematograph

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The Lumiere Brothers and the Cinematograph

The Lumiere Brothers and the Cinematograph

Hollywood Inc. asks you to,"Watch some movies instead of completing your duties."

The cinematograph is a motion picture film camera, which also served as a film projector and printer

The cinematogrpah was the first type of film projector, so thanks to the cinematograph you can now enjoy countless movies and TV programs

The cinematograph benifitted middle to upper classes who could afford to see the motion pictures.It provided jobs to actors andallowed future movie industires to expand.

The brothers never sold the cinematograph, but it cost 50 cents (present day).They did not make any other models.

The cinematograph is amazing! Without it, I would not have been able to jum-start my career as an actor and bring entertainment to the world!"


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