The Lowlands of Hudson Bay

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The Lowlands of Hudson Bay

The Lowlands of Hudson Bay



The Hudson Bay Lowlands is located on the Southwestern shore of Hudson Bay and James Bay.



- Very flat, low area covered by swampy forest- Sedimentary rock (layers) on the acient rock of the Sheild- The waters of Hudson Bay covered most of the lowland at the end of the latest ice age and deposited the sand, salt and clay that are now layers of sedimentary rock


The main attractions in the Hudson Bay Lowlands are, Hudson Bay, James Bay, Moosenee Ontario

Jobs The jobs in the Hudson Bay Lowlands are, mining,getting wood or logging,and hydroelectric development.

The climate is most likely influenced by a few factors, such as:- THE WATER> Depending on the state and tempeture of the water in Hudson Bay and James Bay, the climate for that certain time of year will relate to the water. Example: Cold water causes cold weather.-THE LATITUDE> The Hudson Bay lowlands is fairly close to the northern part of the Earth, which means the Hudson Bay Lowlands is warm and cold during certain parts of the year.-THE ALTITUDE> The Hudson Bay Lowlands is a flat area, meaning that the tempeture isn't as cold as the mountainous areas in Canada.-THE RELIEF PRECIPITATION> Since there is a lack of mountains in this area, the Hudson Bay Lowlands is really winding during summer and fall. There is no moutains acting as barriers for the wind in the area.-THE WIND> The wind in this area is very strong and can go as fast as 110km/h during the summer and 150km/h during the fall.


Activities The activities to tourists in the Hudson Bay Lowlands are, fishing, skiing and dog-sledding. There are alot of skiing resorts nearby, and dog-sledding is a great thing to try!

Vegatation The vegatations in the Hudson Bay Lowlands are the fact that it is seperatated into a treeless tundra and a swampy forrest.


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