The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones

Why Teachers/Adult Will Like This Book ?- Positive messages- Detailed- Has Mood, Imagery, and Conflict

Why Teens Will Like This Book ?- Violence- Sex- Language- Drinking/Smoking- Horror



"A Triumphant novel....It's a knockout."-Time

''Savagely beautiful....A strange and compelling novel.''-San Francisco

- Movie Perview -The Story Of Life And Everything That Came After...

"Mesmerizing....The Lovely Bones takes the stuff of neighborhood tragedy and turns it into literature."-NY Times Book Review

The book The Lovely Bones, is about a girl named Susie who was murder by Mr.Havery, who lives in the same neighborhood as her and her family. Susie is telling the story while she is in the afterlife, watching everything that is happening. Her parents are not talking much, the mom is cheating, the dad is trying to find out who killed her, the sister is helping the dad, the brother is lost, and Mr.Havery think that he got away..again.. What's going to happen now? You would have to read the book to find out more and interesting things what are happen!

Charaters:Susie Salmon- The Main Charater who was murdered at 14 and also tells the story.Mr.Havery- A sexual perdator, a rapist and a serial killer. Also the person who kills Susie.Jack Salmon- The dad, who tries to find out who killed his daughter.Abigail Salmon- The mom, who is a complicated woman.Lindsey- The sister, who discovers what Mr.Harvey did.Buckely- The brother that is too young to understand at the time but loved Susie alot.Ruth Connor- Friends with Susie because of her art. And saw her spirt when she died.Ray Singh- Susie first crush, kiss and love.Samuel Heckler- The sister, Lindsey's boyfriend.Holly- The girl the susie meet in her heaven.Len Fenerman- The detective in charge of susie's case.


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