The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones By: Alice Sebold

- Susie Salmon: Main character in the story. fourteen year old who was raped and killed by her next door neighbor Mr. Harvey.- Mr. Harvey: Raped and killed Salmon. Next door neighbors with the Salmon family- Jack Salmon: Susies father. He knows the murder of his daughters death, but can't find a way to prove or show evidence how.- Abigail Salmon: Susies mother- Lindsay Salmon: Susie's younger sister. Shes the living hero of the story Susies watching and telling.- Buckley Salmon: Susies younger brother. He's the youngest in the Salmon family. He was four when Susie was raped and murdered.- Ruth Connor: Ruth is Susie's age, fourteen, when Susie dies. She and Susie had recently become friends at school. Susie wishes she were alive because things were getting different after she passed- Ray Singh: Susies, first crush, kiss and love. He and Susie were just getting to know eachother when she passed away.

On December 9, the detective in charge of Susie's case, Len Fenerman, calls Susie's mom and dad, Abigail and Jack Salmon, and tells them they've found Susie's elbow bone. From her heaven, Susie watches her parents in bed, unable to talk. It begins to storm. The next morning, Jack breaks the news of the elbow bone to his other daughter, Lindsey, who's thirteen. She throws up. Later that day the police try digging up the cornfield, even though the snow and rain have screwed up their crime scene.


The theme of The Lovely Bones had violence,mortality and sex. In the book, it talked Susies rape and her first experiece with sex. She also talks about how her sexuality grows and changes after her death. She learns that sex can be a way to forget, to stop time for a moment and keep the horrors of reality. Susie Salmon recounts, from the afterlife, her grim and violent death by the hands of her rapist and neighbor, George Harvey. Susie says that the way we die, and the needs, desires, and qualities we possess at the time of death, impact our experiences in the afterworld.



I would recommend this book to people who reads about mystery/crime. The book is really easy to read and had a lot of details about the characters and information about the book. Some of the main characters are easy to connect with once you read the book.



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