The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones

Author: Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

Name: Hannah Avritt Date: December 15,2014

Susie Salmon, a fourteen year old girl, is murdered by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey. He rapes and murders her on her way home from school one day. Susie watches her friends and family grow up fom her heaven. While in heaven, she meets other girls Mr. Harvey has murdered. Many years after her death she gets to experience a few hours in Ruth O'Conner's body, and she makes love to Ray. Although Susie's father suspects Mr. Harvery, he never gets caught.


This book takes place mostly in a suburban Pennsylvania town with a cornfield. The cornfield is very important to the story because it is the spot where Susie is murdered. Susie's heaven is also talked about in the book.


Guilt and responsibility- Susie's father is guilty because he was not able to protect her when she needed him. After Susie's mom leaves, Lindsey feels like she has to be the responsible mother figure to Buckley. "The guilt on him, the hand of God pressing down on him, saying, 'You were not there when your daughter needed you'" (159).Moving on- Susie's family and friends struggle to move on from Susie's death. The will never forget her, and living without her is hard for them. But eventually they move on and live a happy life even though she is gone.


Susie is the main character. In the novel she is murdered, and this story is told from her point of view. "My name was Salmon. Like the fish. First name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973." (9).Ruth Connors is also a main character. As Susie was flying to heaven, she passed by Ruth and touched her. After that day, Ruth begins to develop an interest for Susie. She believes she can look at a spot someone has died and see the murder. "I grew to love Ruth on those mornings, feeling that in some way we could never explain on our opposite sides of the inbetween, we were born to keep each other company" (217).


Flashback- One example is when Susie flashes back to the day she skipped class with Ray, which is also the first time she met Ruth.Symbolism- After Susie's death, Buckley doesn't understand why Susie isn't around anymore. Susie's father uses Monopoly pieces to represent what has happened to Susie so Buckely can understand.

"I wish you all a long and happy life" (906). This quote ends the book by wishing all the readers get to live a life Susie only dreamed of. Her murder stopped her life, and now she is wishing that our life doesnt end like hers.


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