The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones by: Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones is a gripping story of a 14 year old murder victim, Susie Salmon, and her family. On her way back from school one day, she was raped and murdered by her next door neighbor, George Harvey. He hides her body in a sinkhole, never to be found again. Susie's soul ascends into heaven, and from there she watches as her family lives in grief, unable to save them. She observes how her death affects the people once around her. Her father, Jack, goes insane over his loss and knows Harvey did it. He does everything he possibly can to get the evidence needed to bring Harvey to justice. He becomes closer to his two remaining children, Lindsey, 13, and Buckley, 4. Lindsey, who shares his obsession of finding proof, tries to cover up her feelings when her sister is killed. She develops a special bond with Jack, but at the same time is distracted by her long term boyfriend, Samuel. As for Lindsey and Susie's mother, Abigail, she gradually drifts away from her family, taking comfort in Len Fenerman, the detective working on Susie's case. They develop strong feelings for each other and have a short affair. All Abigail wants is to forget about Susie and let her go, as if none of that had ever happened. Four year old Buckley, however, has always had a special relationship with Susie, even after her death. Several times she breaks through the barrier between heaven and earth and he sees her. He is the only one in the family that is aware of the fact that she is stuck inbetween heaven and earth. All she has to do to go to a greater heaven and be eternally happy is let go and forget her family and everything else on earth, but she simply can't. She is haunted by George Harvey and soon she realizes she is not the only young woman he has killed. She meets all of his victims in her heaven and that's when she knows what she needs to do. She has to reveal to her family and neighborhood the evidence that George Harvey is her killer. Later that year, Lindsey breaks into his house and finds the last piece of the puzzle needed to convict Harvey. The only problem is he has packed his bags and skipped town. Some of the Salmon's neighborhood friends search for him, but he is nowhere to be found. Eventually Abigail leaves too, in search of a better life. Buckley and Lindsey grow up without a mother or older sister to watch over them. Buckley grows up a loner, keeping to himself and still often seeing Susie. The next year, Grandma Lynn moves in with Jack and the children and takes Abigails place. Several months later Jack has a heart attack, which brings Abigail back to them. They grow close again, but could never be how they were before. Grandma Lynn dies months later, and Lindsey and Samuel get married. They move into a house of their own and soon have a baby. George Harvey is still unfound and Susie is the only one still searching for evidence. One December morning, he is stalking a young woman, when Susie makes a large icecicle fall and hit him, causing him to fall down a ravine, ultimately killing him. Susie is somewhat satisfied, except for the fact that her body was never found. She is released into a greater heaven where she remains, happy. The Salmons move on and live their lives, but they would never be the same.


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