[2013] Abigail Bemer: The Lovely Bones

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[2013] Abigail Bemer: The Lovely Bones

The summer after the one year anniversary of Susie's death, Susie's mother Abigail leaves the family and finds herself working at a winery in California. She returns five years later when Susie's father and her husband, Jack, has a sudden heart attack. Abigail realizes she still loves Jack and slowly decides that she will stay with him.

By Abigail Bemer

After Susie Salmon passed, she had the ability to see her friends and family down on earth from wherever she was in heaven. She watched as her family constantly wept because of her unfortunate death. She saw everything and all the hardship that her loved ones were going through and she could do nothing to lighten that burden of her death.

Additional information:http://youtu.be/SQZq0d1vzOEVideo that compliments the topic:http://youtu.be/VYXpMpFoq04

The Lovely Bones

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Susie Salmon was a beautiful young girl who was brutally murdered on December 6, 1973. The killer's name was George Harvey who lured her into his "clubhouse" where he raped and murdered her. He disposed of her sliced up and mangled remains in a sinkhole. This twisted man was never actually caught but ended up having an unfortunate death of his own by falling into a ravine. Although he was never caught, Detective Len Fenerman suspected it was him and later confirmed it was. They failed in finding Mr. Harvey.

Susie realizes that in her abscense from earth, relationships have grown. For example, Ray and Rauna Singh come to vist her parents and they form a frienship. Susie calls these newfound relationships the lovely bones.

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