The Lousiana Purchase

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The Lousiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase was a purchase made by America (President Thomas Jefferson) from France (Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte). This purchase involved nearly 830,000 square miles at the price of 15 million dollars. This land went from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, or from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Moutains. This land supplied the United States with land filled with gold, silver, and other ores, as well as giving farmers more space to grow crops. Both of which, obviously, increased the wealthiness of the country which was struggling before.


Nov. 30- The Louisiana Territory is now under French controlDec. 20 - France gives the United State New OrleansOct. 1 - The United State officially owns the Louisiana Territory

The Louisiana Purchase more then doubled the size of the United States. It also made us gain ownership of the Mississippi River. With us now owning the river, trade was much easier. The purchase also stopped Americans from moving there illegally because the land now belonged to the United States, giving people the ability to expand the colonies legally.

Lasting Impact

Without the Louisiana Purchase, we would not be as powerful due to the size, and our idea of freedom would not be heard.

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The Louisiana Purchase




Thomas Jefferson and Nepoleon (The signers of the purchase)


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