The Lousiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark

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The Lousiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark

The Lousiana Purchase

Lewis and Clark

They also travelled with a guide or interpreter, Sacagawea, a Shoshone Indian woman.

In a treaty called the Lousiana Purchase, France sold the US 828,000 miles of land.

With the size of the United States recently doubled by the Lousiana Purchase, Jefferson appoints Lewis and Clark to explore and scientifically catalogue the uncharted territory that was just bought by the country. They do so from 1804 and continuing on untill 1806. They made various notable contributions to science on the trip and at the close of it, reported their findings back to Thomas Jefferson.

Napolean sold the US New Orleans as well as all of the land west of the Mississippi. This was important because it gave the US a major center of trade.

This was all of the land west of the Mississippi River. This doubled the size of America at the time.

Along the way, they encountered many different Indian tribes.

The total cost was around $283 million dollars. At around five cents an acre, the Lousiana Purchase was one of the best land deals of all time.

This deal was techinally unconstitutional, but was considered an act that was "necessary and proper" to the expansion of the US.


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