The Lost Temple of Musasir in Iraq

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The Lost Temple of Musasir in Iraq

In July of 2014, statues and column bases of a mysterious temple were discovered in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. The remains were founded by the villagers of the region. They contacted a student of Leiden Unveristy in the Netherlands who was doing archaeological soundings around the area. Dlshad Marf Zamua recently presented his findings at an international archaeological conference in Switzerland.

Founded July 2014

The Lost Temple of Musasir Iraq

-The temple existed 2,500 years ago during the Iron Age, when Urartians, Assyrians, and Scythinas were trying to control the northern Iraq region.-The temple was built in the holy city of Ararat in 825 Bc, but when the Assyrians defeated the Urartians, the temple was lost.-Life- sized human sculptures of the gold Haldi were built. He was the supreme god of the Urartu kingdom.-The statues are 2.3 meters tall and made of limestone, basalt, or sandstone.-A bronze goat was also found. It measures 3.3 inches long and 3.2 inces tall.


Photo Credit: Dlshad Marf Zamua

"They are holding a cup in their right hands, and they put their left hand on their bellies..." Dlshad Marf Zamua

Photo Credit: Berthold Werner

Photo Credit: Dlshad Marf Zamua

Photo Credit: Dlshad Marf Zamua

Conflicts in the area of the site, including conflicts with ISIS make it very dangerous and difficult to continue any excavation and exploration.

Photo Credit: Leiden Univeristy


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