The lost hero

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The lost hero

This book takes place in the present time and takes you across the US and Canada . The characters in their search for Hera, travel to the Grand Canyon, New York city, Quebec, Detroit,Chicago and San Francisco!


Author: Rick Riordan

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Name: Zachary Ohayon Date: December 18 2013

This book is about a boy named Jason whose memory was stolen and who has to save the godess Hera. He is accompanied by Leo and Piper his 2 best friend from the Wilderness school. Together throught out the book they encounter challenging circumstances as they face off against the alies of the biggest enemy of the gods ever known, Gaea. Gaea is the original god of the earth from whom they must save Hera the queen of the gods.


Jason: A 14 year old boy who lost his memory to a God named Hera. (Son of Zeus-Jupiter, God of the sky).Piper: Piper is a 14 year old girl that has the power to force other people to do what she wants. (Daughter of Aphrodite, Goddess of love). Leo: A 14 year old boy who can control fire and his mother died when he was 4. (Son of Hephaestus, God of blacksmiths and fire)

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Title: The Lost Hero


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I recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy fiction books and Greek Mythology. This book also ressembles the Percy Jackson series, so those that enjoyed that series would certanly like this one. This book is filled with well developed characters, and conflict situations that will keep you guessing until the end. You will likely be unable to put this book down until its done.

-Rick Riordan also wrote the famous Percy Jackson series, the first two books were made into movies that have been released.-This series is mostly about greek mythology but there is another series about Roman mythology, the first book is called " The Red Pyramid."






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