The Lord of the Rings

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The Lord of the Rings

By: J.R.R. Tolkien

Here is what you should pay attention to while you read:Tolkien's ability to create subplotsTolkien's dedication to each of the races, their language, and their history in the worksTolkien's use of the omniscient GandalfTolkien's maps and passage of time

How might Tolkien's experience in the war have affected his writing?Do you think that Tolkien's family influenced his characterization?After Tolkien became a professor, he wrote many essays about different areas of life. Are you able to see any of his morals or themes in the trilogy?


The Lord of the Rings

Why ?

1.) Tolkien was raised impoverished in England.2.) Tolkien was sent to France on March 22, 1916 to fight in WW1.3.) After four months in the trenches, he became sick and returned home to his wife in England. Here, began to write.


4.) Tolkien had four children: Christopher, Priscilla, Michael, and John.5.) He became a professor and maintained creative company while he wrote essays and literature.6.) The Lord of the Rings only became popular after it was pirated.

What makes a hero a hero?Can anyone be a hero?Could Tolkien have created characters that represent real people?Who is your favorite character?How are the books different from the movies? Can movies change the author's intended meaning? How? and, why might this happen?What do you think Tolkien would say about the fans of his works if he were around today?


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