The Lorax by Dr.Suess

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The Lorax by Dr.Suess

The Lorax by Dr. Suess

Flashback- A scene that interrupts the present action to tell what happened at an earlier time.Ex. The Onceler has a flashback to tell the story of the land.

Conflict- the struggle between 2 opossing forces.Ex. The Lorax and Onceler have arguments about how to treat the land

Protagonist- the central character in a literary work around whom the main conflict revolves.Ex. The Lorax

Point of view- the pov is the vantage point from which the story is being told.Ex. In The Lorax, the story is told in 1st person by the once-ler.

Climax- the moment of highest emotional intensity within a plot.Ex.

Imagery- the word pictures that writers create to evoke an emotional response.Ex. The author uses pictures of animals dying to make the reader aware of pollution

Plot- the plot of a story consists of the sequence of events in a story.1.The boy meets the once-ler and pays to hear a story. 2. The Once-ler traveled to the land, built a shop, and chopped down a truffula tree.3. The Lorax met the Onceler and asked him to stop chopping trees.4. The Once-ler mass produces, pollutes the land, sends off all the animals and then abandons his business when there are no more trees.

Metaphor- a comparison that does not use like or asEx. "Now I'll tell you" he says with his teeth sounding grey, "how the Lorax got lifted and taken away"Your teeth can not sound grey.

Antagonist- a person or force who opposes the central character in a story.Ex. The Onceler

Theme- the main idea of a story.Ex. The main idea of The Lorax was to make people aware of pollution and how to help it.


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