The Long March

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The Long March

The Long March

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forms in 1921.Chiang Kai-shek moves against communists.Mao appeals to peasants -- grow very quickly.The nationalists feel very threatened. There is bound to be violence.

Chiang Kai-Shek launches attack in the Jiangxi province in autumn 1933.Hans von Seeckt uses war of attrition.50% territory loss and 60,000 communist deaths within 1 year.Braun's failed attacks lead to desperation.THE MARCH BEGINS

October 1934 - October 1935Jiangxi to Shaanxi.6000 miles.17-26 miles traveled per day.24 rivers11 provinces18 mountain rangesCountless battles and troops with the Nationalist forces90,000 set out,less than 10,000 survived.

Considered one of the greatest physical feats of the 20th century.Later on, the communists would see the Long March as a uniting event that strengthened them, and fueled their ascent to the height of Chinese politics.

Regained leadership shortly after the march began.Employed excellent strategies for dealing with the nationalists. --Unpredictable movement --Smaller unitsThe Long March marked the beginning of Mao's ascent to power.His leadership might have been exaggerated by the communists.

Communist/Nationalist Tension

Conditions During the March

Aggression Before the March

Mao Zedong


Persistence and determination will ultimately yield positive results in the long run (or march).


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