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The Loch Ness is located in the Scottish Highlands and is the largest volume of fresh water in Great Brittian. It 24 miles long and 1 mile wide, the average temperature is 42F .The average depth is 600but the deepest is 754 feet deep!!! It is also 52 feet above sea level and only the top 5 feet is clear to see.

The Loch Ness water is very deep and has strong currents.

Many rivers flow into the Lochness such as River Oich but only one flows out.

What other types fish live along with NESSIE??? Eupropean eels, North pike, white sturgeon, brook lampery,and spined stickleback. Salmon and brown trout are also plentful . Many people travel to Scotland just to fish and compete in fishing tournaments.

The Loch Ness Monster Dates back 1500 years ago but was born when it made local news on May 2,1933. A couple saw an enormous animal rolling and plunging the surface of the water and in 1934 a photograph seemed to show a dinosaur like creature leading to believe "NESSIE" is the lone survivor of the Plesiosaurs. In 1994 the famous photo was revealed to be hoax but today people still are excited about the fact that there might be a Loch Ness monster living in their waters.

I think that I would love to visit Scotland and definitely the high lands and Loch Ness. We could fish, canoe and bike the Great Glen Mountain Trail. We could also visit Urquhart Castle, Fort William and Fort Augustus!

The Loch Ness provides little resource for flowing plants, because of its deep water and steep sides. Plants can not establish root. So the best place to look for plant life is in clear shallow water with light. This is where the poundweeds and water lilies grow.

Blackberry "Loch Ness"

The Lochness is used for fishing,conoeing,most people come for tourist attraction!!!!!


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