The Livestock Industry

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The Livestock Industry

The Poultry IndustryThe poultry industry includes the raising of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, and game birds.Unlike pork and beef, poultry meat is accepted by most cultures. birds are feed efficient and the production cycle is fast

Beef: meat from cattlePork: meat from pigsLamb/Mutton: meat from lambs and sheepPoultry: meat from chickens, turkey, and other fowl (birds)

The Livestock Industry

The Beef Industrythe largest segment of the meat industrymost beef cattle are crossbreeds (have parents of different breeds)four major segments: purebred, cow-calf, stocker, and feedlot operations

The Pork Industrymost pork is produced in the midwestern states because pigs are fed mostly cornthe mild winters, make raising pigs in the South cost efficientbreeds separated into two categories: mother breeds (produce large litters) and sire breeds (produce quality carcasses


Livestock Fun Facts

American Farm Bureau


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