The Lives of Victorian Children

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The Lives of Victorian Children

Although wealthy children had many good things like factory made dolls, and play rooms they weren't that happy because they had specified times to talk to their parents.

Even though in smaller schools boys and girls were taught in the same classroom, they would still sit seperatly. Almost all boys went to boarding school, rich or poor. But only girls that were wealthy could go to boarding school

Many poor adults had a lot of kids because children would work and bring up the income of the families. poor kids didn't have any official place to play. They just went outside and found a small place to play.

Children worked in dangerous factories for 14 to 18 hours a day. It was dangerous because they would crawl into tight spaces around or under machines that were running.

The Lives of Victorian Children

In conclusion, the lives of victorian children were obviously much harder than ours. Even the wealthy had their problems, for example rich kids didnt have much communication with their parents and had to have specific times just to talk with their family!Poor children had many other types of problems like not having safe places to live and play. It as not unlikely to see many kids on the street. Many felt that they be on the streets than in a neglective house. Almost every boy went to school, poor or wealthy. But it was really only wealthygirls who went to boarding schools, or school at all. The poor and rich alike played with things like dolls( the poor had homemade dolls). The only difference was where you played. The rich had play rooms, while the lower class had to go outside and find any open area to play(which was a bit hard).




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