The little rock nine

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The little rock nine

The Little Rock Nines first day of school was September 4, 1957 at Central High in Little rock Arkansas.

"The little rock nine was the first African American students to enter Little Rock's Central High School." ( Editors).

"Each day the nine teens were harassed, jeered, and threatened by many of the white students as they took small steps into deeper, more turbulent waters" (“The Little Rock Nine”).

The first institutions to integrate would be the high schools, beginning in September 1957. ( Editors)

"Shortly before Christmas, One of the Little Rock Nine decided to fight back" "for a couple of weeks there had been white kids following us, Constantly calling us N******" (Bond, 117).

"The 101st Airborne Division flew to little rock to the Air force base and the Arkansas National Guard was called in to protect the nine black students"  (Bond,106).

"One of the boys was stuck in the head with a brick, immediately after being struck he fell to the ground" (Bond, 107).

"The children's homes were getting phone calls saying that they were going to shoot the children with acid filled water pistols" (Bond, 107).

On September 4, just 24 hours after a federal judge ordered the Little Rock Nine to begin attending Central High immediately, a belligerent mob, along with the National Guard, again prevented the teens from entering the school. (“The Little Rock Nine”)

on September 25, 1957, following a plea from Little Rock's mayor, Woodrow Mann, President Dwight Eisenhower federalized the National Guard and sent U.S. Army troops to the scene. Personally guarded by soldiers from the National Guard soldiers and the Army's 101st Airborne, the Little Rock Nine began regular class attendance at Central High. (“The Little Rock Nine”).