The Little prince - digital storytelling

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The Little prince - digital storytelling

In all the months the teachers and the students will have meetings on Twinspace, Facebook or Skype. At the end of project the team of every country will make a glog for comments on what we have learned, questions on what we want to know more.

November 2013 - Let’s know each other (my classroom video)December 2014 - NewYear - a new hope (create a Christmas card) January 2014 - Penpals on GlogsterEdu (project work)February 2014 - Hope, Love, Faith (digital storytelling 'The little prince)March 2014 - Let you show me your way - (video about storitelling in the classroom)April 2014 - Getting the T-shirt ready (create a peace message throug 'The little prince' story)May 2014 - Connect, Create, Combine ( a song share )

a digital fairy tale project


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