The Little Mermaid Statue

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The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue

The original sculpture was made in Copenhagen, Denmark. // Nix, Jim. The Little Mermaid. N.d.

Another replica of the statue hits Sydney. // Rinaldi, Eva. . N.d.

This is in Solvang, California. Go visit it sometime! // Howzit, Sam. The Little Mermaid. N.d.

Here, the picture on the left is on construction. The right picture is the finished sculpture.

This statue was built by Hans Christian Andersen because he wanted to retell the fairy tale of a mermaid who gives up on everything to be united with a young, handsome prince. Each morning the little mermaid swims to a rock and sits there to get a good glance of her beloved prince. The person that was behind this idea, was Carl Jacobsen. This story was taken to a ballet performing arts center in Copenhagen. Many states copied the statue, for example, there is one in Romania donated by the Danish queen, and one in Brazil. There are many more but too many to speak of. The woman that modeled for the statue was Ellen Prince de Plane. Denmark says that this statue is one of the top tourist attractions in Copenhagen. It is an interesting sculpture because this mermaid has two tails, unlike the actual mermaids which have only one. People also called it "The Headless Mermaid" because its head has fallen off several times, the arm has been sawn off, and was poured on with paint. Ellen Prince de Plane didn't model without clothes so the sculpter asked his wife to. After all, the meanings many people have of the little mermaid, there can only be one meaning to the statue.

by Chrisel Natividad


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