[2015] 1Allison R: The Little Mermaid

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[2015] 1Allison R: The Little Mermaid

The sea witch, Ursela is the power hungry sea witch who tricks Ariel into giving her her voice in exchancge for a task she could not complete. But in exchange for Ariel's soul, King Triton gives himself to Ursela. Ursela is defeated by Ariel and her Prince Eric and everyone is set free and happy once again.

IronyIrony shows when Ursela uses the voice Ariel gave her in exhange for legs to win over Prince Eric and prevent Ariel from finishing her task.

The Little Mermaid

The Climax was when Ursela gained all of the King's power but was impaled and killed by Prince Eric.

Ariel is the daughter of King Triton, the king of the sea. She wishes to be like a human and interact with them. She seeks help from the sea witch, Ursela who tricks her.




Sebastian is given the ability to not only talk but he sings, fights off an angry chef and conduct an undewater orchestra


In the deal Ariel made with Ursela, she is not able to use her voice. This brings up conflict when trying to win over Prince Eric in time.


Ariel is obsessed with the human world and will do anything to become part of it. She falls in love with Prince Eric and seeks help from the sea witch, Ursela. Ursela take away her voice in exchange for Ariel's legs but uses her voice to swoon Eric and trick him into loving her instead so Ariel loses her bet and has to turn her soul over to Ursela. Eric snaps out of his trance and saves Ariel by killing the evil sea witch. Ariel and Eric are married and go to live happily ever after.


ParadoxAn example of a paradox would be when Ursela grants Ariel, a mermaid, ability to walk on two legs by turning her into a human.

The setting takes place in Atlantis and in Prince Eric's castle both where Ariel lives for a period of time. 1989


ThemeOne theme can can be taken away is following your heart and being yourself which is exactly what Ariel did.


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