The Literacy-Social Studies Connection

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The Literacy-Social Studies Connection

Chapter 10: The Literacy-Social Studies Connection

Three Main Ideas: 1.) Enlish Learners (Els) need special help learning academic langauge. 2.) Children do not make meaning in a vacuum; children read and write to accomplish goals.3.) Reading and writing are best thought of as common enterprise rather than a distinct endevor.

Strategies to help teach Literacy through Social Studies:Introduce the Sicratic Seminar: A method for bringing children together to interpret through discussion - to talk with one another about the ideas, issues, and values in them.1.) Choose a worthy text2.) Explain the purpose3.) State and clarify explanations4.) Preteach or Postteach Needed Skills5.) Ask an Interpretive, Genuine Question6.) Make FacilitationUse Children's Tradebooks for Multiple Purposes:Launching - use trade books to invite students to express their interpretations of a story through drawing, drama, or writing.

Glog by:Haley Morgan

Strategies to help improve reading comprehension:1.) Activate prior knowledge2.) Preview3.) Skim for related details4.) Summarize

Text-to-Self*Working with students interest to help them learn and get excitedText-to-Text*Book: "Building Literacy in Social Studies"Text-to-World*Book: "Social Studies and Me"Text-to-Classroom*Discussing ideas with each other on topic

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Big Question:"What do you think is most important to include when teaching literacy through Social Studies?"


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