The List

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The List

Digital Storytelling

There is a list about the ugliest and prettiest girls in each grade in High School. There is Danielle the ugliest and Abby the prettiest freshman Candace the ugliest and Lauren the prettiest sophomore Sarah the ugliest and Bridget the prettiest junior. Jennifer the ugliest and Margo the prettiest senior. Everyone at the school was mean and rude about what the list said about who the ugliest were. One person made the list you need to figure out who.

This story is told in different point of views. Every girl talks about how they feel about the list. You hear about what happens in each girl life and how they feel about others. Every day everone talks about what is happening in their life and how they feel about life and themselves.

Point of View

The ListBy:Siobhan Vivian


The girls in this story find out a week before the school dance that they were on the list. It was possibly the worst feeling for some of them. Everyone will remember if you were on that list. This was supposed to be over with but someone has made this list once again. Will we ever know who made it?




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