The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Written By C. W. Lewis

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The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Written By C. W. Lewis

Book Written by: C.W. Lewis

Book Title:The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrove

SettingsIndoors (when the Pevensie kids are visiting their uncle's house)Outdoors (when they enter the land of Narnia)Outdoors (when they meet Aslan, Mr. Thomas, The White Witch, & the Narnian animals)Ourdoors (when they fight the White Witch & her minnions)Indoors (when they are crowned kings & queens of the land)Outdoors when they find the lamp post that takes them back to the wardrobeIndoors when they return back to their uncle's house

Main EventsThere is a war occuring The Pevensie kids (Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edward) are sent to their uncle's houseThere they find the magical wardrobe inside the houseThis wardrobe takes them to the land of NarniaThere they meet the animals of Narnia (the beavers, Aslan, Mr. Thomas, and other animals), They find out about the White Witch and her evil plan to run Narnia as she wishesThe White Witch tricks Edward into coming to her ice castle, there she captures himThe Pevensie kids (Lucy, Peter, and Susan) find Aslan then he and his animals friends help rescue Peter from the witchThe Pevensie kids and Aslan, along with his animal friends fight the White Witch and her evil minnionsThey beat the witch and Aslan regains Narnia The Pevensie kids(Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edward)become kings of the landThen one day they find the lamp post while riding their horsesThey remember about the wardrobe and decide to enterThen they find themselves back in time, where they first began their adventures; back inside their uncle's house

CharactersLucy, Peter, Susan, & Edward Pevensie, Aslan, The White Witch and her minnions, Mr. Thomas, Their Uncle, the Narnian animals

Author of this bookreport is Veronica Avila

Problems, conflicts:The Pevensie kids (Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edward) enter the land of Narnia but do know what is going on in NarniaThey find out that the White Witch is running NarniaShe is evil, angry, and a tyranical leaderAslan, the true King of Narnia has been run off the land by the witchThe witch wants to get the Pevensie kids so that she can kill them & stop the prophecy (which is for them to run the land alongside of Aslan)The Pevensie kids have to fight the White Witch and her minnions in order to help Aslan regain his land and find peace againThis will be dangerous for all involved, but must be done

ConclusionThe Pevensy kids (Lucy, Edward, Susan, & Peter) alongside Aslan & his animal friends beat the White Witch & regain the land of NarniaThen after years of living in Narnia in peace,the Pevensy kids re-discover the magical wardrobe & return home as if nothing had ever happenedThey reappear back at their uncle's house inside the small, magic wardrobe

What you think about the Book? I liked this book because it was filled with many adventures, it was science fiction, it made you feel like you were really in Narnia when you were reading it. I liked the Pevensie kids (Lucy, Peter, Susan, & Edward), Aslan & all of the other characters, including the White Witch because they made the book a great read.

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