The London feeling

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The London feeling

"The London Feeling"

Whitechapel district

Wembley district

The most notable districts are, for example

Whitechapel was the place where Jack the Ripper murders happened!

The Tower Bridge is one of the most known landmarks of Britain!

In 1666 almost all the buildings were burned down in the Great Fire of London!

The Queen of England is one of the longest ruling monarchs!

The British Museum was established in 1753 in Bloomsbury

The Bronze Age remains were in Thames

THE WORD BANK:a landmark - a famous building or object that you recognize easilyremains - parts of something that was unfinished or destroyeda district - an area of a town or a countryto establish - to make something start to exist or start to happen

REMEMBER!to be -> wasin the singularto be -> werein the plural!

Watch the video below. In pairs discusshow does the city of London looks like inthe eyes of the director.

What about YOUR city? Research and write about your town's interesting places and events in history!


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