[2012] ryder gore: The Limit

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[2012] ryder gore: The Limit

3. Technology is much more advanced in The Limit. At the workhouse all work is done on a computer.

The Limit

11 Common Characteristics found in most dystopias.

1. Their is Constant Police SurveillanceIn the limit, because at the workhouse they are constanlty being monitored.

2. Matt Dunston realizes that something at the workhouse is very wrong, because of some of the restrictions they are having their, so he is the protagonist who questions society.

4. Matt's family in the Limit constantly fears they will go over the limit and fear Big Brother will take their children.

5. The Limit reminds me of our society, because we can go over the limit on credit cards and payments.

6. At the workhouse in the limit they are so entertained that they forgot about their home; this is an example of propaganda.

7. In the limit the powerful concept is the workhouse knows whats best, and you shouldn't question their authority.

8. In the limit the major event that happened was when families went over their limit, which means they are only allowed a certain amount of items to purchase.

10. Matt Dunston and his family have forgotten what traditional life was like.

9. You can't trust the leaders of the workhouse because they lie and change up stories; therfore, the natural world is banished and distrusted.

11. In the workhouse they are taught that dissent and individuality are bad, and you should do and say what they tell you to do.



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