The Limbic System

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Human Anatomy

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The Limbic System



A group of brain areas involved in emotional reactions and motivated behavior, as well as memory

The Limbic System



-Responsible for the formation of long-term memories and the storage of memory for location of objects -Compares sensory messages with what the brain has learned to expect about the world-Important case study: London Taxi Drivers

-Regulates vital functions and drives such as hunger, thirst, sex, blood pressure, glucose levels, body temperature, bodily rhythms, aggression, pleasure, and lust-Receives input from everywhere and influences most parts of the brain-Controls the pituitary gland, which controls all other glands and governs processes such as development and ovulation-Important case study: Olds & Milner (1954)

-Relays motor impulses from higher centers to the spinal cord-Sends sensory information to the various areas of the cerebral cortex; excluding olfactory information-Regulates sleep, consciousness, and alertness

-Responsible for basic emotions of fear, rage, aggression, anger, and jealousy-Plays an important role in our learning to associate things with emotional responses-Coordinates fight-or-flight response -Also responsible for processing emotional information


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