The Lights In The Sky

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The Lights In The Sky

The Lights In The SkyBy:Hailey Herzog

Scientifically Speaking: The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealisn is all because of solar flares from the sun. (particles that the sun "burps out") These particles travel in to Earth's atmosphere, these particles can be dangerous but our atmosphere protects us from it. Our atmosphere is made up of two main gases oxygen and nitrogen (and small traces of others). When the oxygen and nitrogen collide with the solar flares they emit colors. . . Creating the norhtern lights.

Atmosphere Chart

But why are they the colors they are?

Nitrogen=blue or purpleoxygen=green or brown

Fast Facts

Auroras also occur on other planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars.

The name 'aurora' comes from the latin word that means sunrise or the Roman Goddess of dawn.

In the Southern Hermisphereb latitudes the efffect is known as teh Aurora Australias (or the Southern Lights).

The Aurora Borealis are probaly the most amazing light show that you will ever see, and probably also the most interesting so I encourage everyone to learn about them.


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