The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning ThiefBy , Spencer Perkins

book by , Rick Riordan

After Zeus king of the gods thinks that Percy has stole his Masterbolt he decids that if it is not returned by the summer solstice he will unleash all of his power on the other gods/godesses and the world will go in to complete anarchy. Of course Percy being new to all the god stuff chooses Annabeth and Grover to help him on his quest

Percy a troubled student with dyslexia and adhd Finds out that he is a demigod and his father Posieden the god of the sea. When Percy is accused of stealing Zeus's master bolt it is up to him to go on a journey to retrieve it and return it to Zeus before the summer solstice.

The main character in this book is Percy jackson son of poseiden and along side him are Annabeth daughter of Athena and Grover the saytr. some other side characters in this book include most gods {Hades the most} Some villans {medusa, The fates and Ares the god of War}, and Percy's mentor at Camp Half-Blood Chiron.




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