The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning ThiefBy: Rick Riorden

Book Summary

The Lightning Thief consits of a young boy who is named Percy Jackson. Percy is not your typical boy, he has dyslexia, and to top it off he gets bullied from people in his school. He attends Yancy Acedemy, a school for troubled kids. What young Percy does not know is that he is a son of the big 3 (Zues Poesiden and Hades). This puts a major target on his back for many monsters want to kill Percy. In The Lightning Thief Percy must be ready for all the crazy and bazar things are coming his way.

Percy Jackson- Son of PoesidenAnnabeth Chase- Daughter of AthenaGrover Underwood- Saytr ProtectorLuke Castellan- Son of HermesSally Jackson- Percy's MomClarisse La Rue- Daughter of War


Over all I really enjoyed reading The Lightning Thief. At first I was a bit nervous because the book itself did not look very action packed. But you know what they say "Never judge a book by its cover." So I read the book and I was very impresed by what an amzing job Rick Riorden did on this book. It was probable one of the best books I have ever read. It consits of action, drama and a little bit of romance here and there. All and all it was a really great book and I recommened it to anyone looking for a great read.

My Thoughts:

By: Tyler Groh


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