The Lighting Thief

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The Lighting Thief

Where was the fight against the thief?

Percy found out that Ares teamed up with Luke who stole the bolt and hid the bolt in a bag that he gave percy. The lighting bolt didn't show up in thebag though until he got to the underworld.

Zeus accuses Poseidon of sending Percy to steal his lightning bolt, and Percy must return it to prove his and his father's innocence. That's just the big one--there are a TON of sub-plots!

Where did Percy get the Lighting Bolt?

In the book Percy got the lightning bolt from Ares, God of War, by disguising it as a bag that he gave to Percy in the movie Luke Castellan hid it in theshield he gave Percy.


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Perseus (Percy)-the son of Poseidonhis best friend Grover.satyrAnnabeth Chasedaughter of AthenaChiron, a wise old centaur, trains and guides Percy.Luke, son of Hermes and Annabeth's love interest, appears friendly enough, but turns evil and betrays Percy in the end..


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