The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

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The Lifecycle of a Butterfly

The lifecycle of a butterfly (or butterfly metamorphosis)

Butterflies are insects that go through a four stage life cycle called Metamorphosis. Starting as an egg, they then hatch as a caterpillar. The caterpillar then becomes a pupa (chrysalis), from which a butterfly emerges. The adult butterfly will begin the cycle again by laying eggs. Their bodies consist of three main parts like other insects - a head, a thorax and an abdomen.

Feeding:A caterpillar feeds constantly on leaves and flowers and will grow a lot through this stage. Its skin will split and shed but once it has grown several thousand times it original size it goes into the resting stage as a chrysalis. A butterfly lives on nectar and pollen from flowers using a long, flexible, tube-like tongue.

There are a lot a videos to watch the life stage of a butterfly. Like this one...

Interesting Butterfly Facts* can fly up to 50km/h* females are bigger and live longer* live from 2 days to 11 months* colour attracts a mate, absorbs heat and protection while feeding on flowers* migrate to avoid cold weather


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