The Life Of Van Gogh

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The Life Of Van Gogh

The Life of Van Gogh.

My Life From The Start.I was born on March 30 1853, in a small village in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands. I grew up as a serious, thoughful boy and I grew up destressed.

Life Of A PainterI after i grew up i went to boarding school in 1864-1864. Then, i was employed by the Hague gallery. Next i was transferred to London then Paris. In 1880-1884 I went relocated to Brussels and began learning the skills of being an artist. Then after that I finish my painting called "The Potato Eaters". In 1887 I then completed my self portrait with a straw hat. From there I kept painting self portraits and paintings. But in 1888 I cut off my ear and was in a mental asylum in Saint Remy.

My EnertainmentI really like the song "In My Arms" because its sad and makes me feel better when im sad. I also really like the movie and book, "The Fault In Our Stars".I like this movie and book because it mkaes me feel like i should follow my dreams no matter what.

My Famous Paintings.Some of my famous paintings are "The Starry Night" and "The Potato Eaters". These are both well known portraits.

" Big ideas are just a bunch of small ideas joining together to make an army".

InfluencesI was influenced by an artist named Paul Gauguin. I met with him in Paris in November of 1887.

My Technique...I painted with big brush strokes and always was sad and depressed so that definitly affect my pianting. It made my paintings give you a sad or unpleasant vibe.

" Sometimes, the best people have the worst feelings".

Life As A Painter 2.In 1888, I also ended my friendship with Paul Gauguin. Then in 1889 &1890 I completed the paintitngs, "Starry night" and "Almond Blossom". Then in the same year I left the asylum and started contacting my brother ,Leo and began care in Auvers-sur-Oise under Dr. Paul Gachet, who was recommended by Camille Pissarro.Then in 1890 - July 29, I died from suicide.


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