The Life of St. Elizabeth

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The Life of St. Elizabeth

Interesting Facts1. She is the foundress of the American Sisters of Charity.2. St. Elizabeth is the second child of 3 sisters.3. St. Elizabeth died from tuberculosis.

The Life of St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton

How St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton became a saint.St. Elizabeth became a saint by opening the first catholic school for girls, having the bible as her continual instruction, support and comfort and she established a religious community in Emmitsberg dedicated to the care of the children of the poor.

St. Elizabeth's ChildhoodAs a child Elizabeth and her sisters were rejected by her stepmother. When her father traveled abroad for medical studies, she and her sisters temporarily lived in New Rochelle, New York, with their paternal uncle. Lastly when her stepmother and father seperated, it was a dark time for Elizabeth.

Date of birth, cannonization, feast day and death:Birth: August 28, 1774Death: January 4, 1821Cannonization: September 14, 1975Feast Day: January 4

Patron saint of:Converts and Loss of parents


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