The Life of Simba

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The Life of Simba

Just chillin' here minding my own business!!

Day 29: Trying Oatmeal for the first time but didn't like it much!

Just going through a phase. (Excuse the music in the background... We LOVE listening to Usher!!)

I really like apples. I tried carrots but didn't really like those to well.. I Also tried some oatmeal but that was worse than the carrots! Yuck!!

I have shed my "exoskeleton" 3 times up to this point, and it always seems to "mysteriously" disapear after a few days. My owner thinks I eat it... What do you think??

The Life of Simba

Meet Simba! Hi everyone, welcome to my Glog!!

I like to chill under my food most of the time, and I really don't like to be bothered. Especially tapping on the glass when I'm trying to sleep!!

Eating an apple. Mmhh it was soo good!

Day 8:

Day 16

Day 26

If you see me below, I may look lighter than the rest of my pictures. This happens everytime I shed my exoskeleton. I go back to the darker color that you usually see the next day.

Day 1: I finally got home after a long day of riding in a backpack all day!!


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