The life of Saint Benedict

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The life of Saint Benedict

St Benedict was born in Nursia in 480 and died in Monte Cassino On March 21, 547

Saint Benedict always wanted to have rules in games. He always liked following the rules as a child.He felt to crowded after a while so he left and went to Subiaco to live in prayer in a small cave.

Benedict became a hermit to be closer to GodIn Subiaco he prayed in a cave and Ramonus brought him food and water.

In 529 Saint Benedict established his first monastery in Monte Cassino.He Was canonized in 1220 by Pope Honourius.

Saint Benedict's most important teachings were to be patient,peacful,obedient,to be happy ,joyfull and respectful.

This is the Prayer of Saint Benedict

This is Saint Benedict and his sister Saint Scholastica

This picture shows were Nursia and Subiaco find the arrow to find them.

This is Saint Benedict

Thsi is a picture of a dove to represent the peace St benedict brought to the world

The life of Saint Benedict

Early and late life

Childhood and growing up.

Life in Subiaco

Saint Benedict's teaching and way of life

Saint Benedict's canonizedation and establishment of his first monastry