The Life of Marcus Garvey

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The Life of Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey Jr. Was born in St Ann's Bay, Jamaica. Marcus was self educated and taught himself to read with his father's wide array of books in his library. Marcus Garvey is well known for founding the Negro Improvement Association. Passionatley focused on promoting African Americans and resettlement in africa. In 1903. Marcus traveled to Jamaica and became involved in union activities.Upon turning 14 he bacame a printer's apprentice. Marcus took part in an unsuccesful printer's strike and by then marcus had a stong passion for political activism. Marcus traveled to london later on in life and attended Birkbeck College and worked the African times and oriental review.


Marcus suffered from two cerebal hemorrhages. The second caused his death.

Marcus was a very busy accomplished man. He worked feverishly on his goal. Of improving the modern Black community of the world in his time. He worked on educating the black people by building schools. Marcus Garvey and his organization brought three shipsIn which he started doing trades and commerce internationally. He even built factories and restaurants. Factories, where he built dolls for young black kids to play with. By 1922 Marcus had about 6 million members in his organization.

Lasting Impact

Marcus Garvey will and always be a hero for trying to improve the black community. He will forever be remembered. In his honor they immortilazid him on the Jamaican 20 dollar coin as the excellent marcus Garvey a national hero.

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The life of Marcus GarveyBy Christine Awesome Jackson

Marcus Garvey


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Marcus Garvey enjoying one of his many parades in this fancy attire


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