The Life of Isaac Newton

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The Life of Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in a manor located in Woolsthorpe, England. His Father was Sir Isaac Newton Sr. and his Mother was Hannah Ayscough. He never had any siblings. Newtons father died a bit before Newton was born, and at the age of three his Mother remarried and left him with a family member. Later on in her second marriage, Hannah had three additional children. Isaac was very close with them, and often referred to them as "My Brothers and Sisters." In 1653 Hannah's second husband died, and Hannah and her three children from her second marriage moved back to live with Isaac. A year later, Isaac began Grammer School. For awhile, it was expected that Isaac would grow up to manage his Mothers Property. But in 1661, He enrolled in Trinity College, in Camridge. In 1665, Newton received his bachelor of arts from Trinity college. From 1666 on, he began making the discoveries that would make him well known. He died unmarried on March 20, 1727


1642: ·Isaac Newton is born in Woolsthorpe, England 1646: ·Hannah Newton remarries and moves away, leaving her son to be raised by a family member. 1653: ·Hannah's second husband dies; she returns to live with Isaac, bringing three children with her from her second marriage. 1654: ·Newton enrolls in the Grantham Grammar School 1661: ·Newton enrolls in Trinity College, Cambridge. 1665: ·Newton receives his bachelor of arts from Trinity College 1666: · Newton conducts prism experiments, discovers spectrum of light; works out system of "fluxions," precursor of modern calculus; begins to consider the idea of gravity. 1669: ·Newton appointed Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at TrinityJanuary 1672: ·Newton elected to the Royal Society 1670s: ·Newton works on the mathematics of gravitation in his home in Cambridge. 1679: ·Death of Hannah Newton November 1684: ·Newton completes his calculations on gravity and shares them with Halley, who urges him to publish. 1689: ·Newton elected as Cambridge's representative to Parliament. 1693: ·Newton's "Black Year." He is plagued by depression and insomnia, and apparently suffers a nervous breakdown in September. 1695: ·Newton appointed warden of the Mint, to oversee the implementation of a new currency. He leaves Cambridge and moves to London. 1699: ·Newton named master of the Mint. . 1705: ·Newton knighted by Queen Anne. 1727: ·Death of Sir Isaac Newton, in London.

Isaac Newton invented calculus, came up with the three laws of motion and discovered the law of gravity. Newton is considered to be among the most important scientists in the history of the world.

Lasting Impact

Newton never married, and was tremendously pious: he dedicated his later years to the interpretation of scripture, and a mighty effort to understand the relationship between biblical prophecy and history. He died on March 20, 1727, and was buried with great honors in Westminster Abbey.


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Sir Isaac Newton


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