The Life of Henri Matisse

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The Life of Henri Matisse

The Life of: Henri Matisse!

The Early Years:Henri Matisse was born on the 31st of December in the city of Le Cateau-Cambresis (North), France in 1869. In 1887, when he was 18, he went to Paris to study law; working as a court administrator in his hometown. He discovered his love for art when he recieved crayons and paint from his mother as a gift when he contracted an illness. He described the euphoria of drawing as "a kind of paradise" and decided to become an artist; defying his father's wishes for him to become a lawyer.

Henri Matisse: ArtistDuring his newfound career as an artist, he started painting "still-lifes" and landscapes with decent skill. After befriending numerous painters like John Peter Russell and Pablo Picasso, he became inspired and began painting portraits of fictional women; oftentimes residing inside a detailed interior. Henri then travelled around the world for inspiration to places like Morocco, Spain and Algeria. Overall, Henri Matisse has created about 215 official paintings in his lifetime. Henri Matisse lived the rest of his life until his death in November 3 1904.

Henri Matisse's Art:Here is some of his artwork he created:-"Dishes and Fruit"-"Luxembourg Gardens"-"The Young Sailor II"-"Game of Bowls"-"The Dance"-"The Conversation"-"The Yellow Curtain"-"Woman on a High Stool"-"View of Notre Dame"-"Zorah on the Terrace"-"The Painter and his Model"-"Still Life of Geraniums"-"Three Sisters and the Rose"-

Note: Top left: "Woman Reading"Top right: "Green Stripe"Bottom left: "Le Mur Rose"Bottom right: "The Conversation"


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