The Life of an Algonquin

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The Life of an Algonquin

The life of an Algonquin

Maya S and Rachel Z

FoodThe Algonquin Indians would hunt bears with a trap to kill them. They hunted dears and fish alot.They hunt moose as well.They caught rabbits squirrels and water birds.They would use all of the parts of the animal like the skin and bones.

Clothes In the summer women wore shirts and skirts made of animal skins. In the winter they added robes made of fur. In the summer men wore a kind of apron. In the winter they wore leggings and robes. Their leggings were made of skin and feathers. That was their wardrobe!

CelebrationsThe Algonquins nourished corn. In fact, they had a whole celebration just for corn! they called this celebration The Green Corn Ceremony. During this celebration, the Algonquins honored corn. I bet it sounds rediculous to you now but back then it was a big deal!

Interesting FactsThe Algonquin Indians (unlike us) couldn't go to stores and buy things, so they had to make their utenslis. An example of this is their glue sticks. They couldn't buy them so they made them using sap. Also, lacrosse was first played by Algonquin Indians long ago. In addition to this, to make hunting easier for themselves, they made bear traps. How cool?

HomesIn the summer the Indians lived in small villages. In the winter they lived in bigger villages whee was warm enough to please them. This picture shows how they lived in homes and had shelter during storms.

Arts & CraftsThe Algonquin Indians made themselves belts using beads. They made their beads using shells. They also made designs on their canoes by getting it wet. Another craft they made were bowls using bark. HAPPY CRAFTING!!!!!!

How the tribe was set upThe people of each tribe lived together in villages They built their homes next to a steam because they have easy access to water and fish. At a young age kids learned how to maintain a fire!


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