The Life of a Tech Coach

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The Life of a Tech Coach

-Digital footprints -CyberbullyingHowever, just because the agreements have been signed, doesn't mean it's not a good idea to check in on students every once in a while.

A tech coach provides the staff and students with meaningful trainings. Tech Week is great way to kick off the year relearning how to responsibly use the devices. Some topics covered are;- Digital citizenship and privacy

So what does a tech coach actually do?:"Lessons learned from Pilot Knobb and Heritage MIddle School"

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A tech coach provides the teachers with trainings such as:- iLife -Getting organized w/ Google-Ways to use Audio -Tips, tools, and updates at and Video in class meetings-Pairing pedagogy w/ technology -Never stop-And other courses based on need. sharing!

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Key components

1) Cast a shared vision. This should be done with principal/district support. Principal is also relied on for modeling, collaboration support, and change mangement strategies. (Revolutionizing Education through Technology pg 33, 2012)2)Professional development - done by tech coach through pd sessions, courses, modeling, coteaching and gradual release (Ertmer 2012)3) Technical Support - The network and devices must be reliable for teachers to trust them. (Inan &Lowther 2010)

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Reflect to make sure this isn't just a Big Wrench. Does it meet our needs?

Both schools have 1:1 iPads and tech integrationists.



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