The Life and Times of Mary Shelley

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The Life and Times of Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was born Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin in Somers Town, London, in 1797. She was the second child of the feminist philosopher, educator, and writer Mary Wollstonecraft, and the first child of the philosopher, novelist, and journalist William Godwin. Wollstonecraft died of puerperal fever ten days after Mary was born. Godwin was left to bring up Mary, along with her older half-sister, Fanny Imlay, Wollstonecraft's child by the American speculator Gilbert Imlay. A year after Wollstonecraft's death, Godwin published his Memoirs of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1798), which he intended as a sincere and compassionate tribute. However, because the Memoirs revealed Wollstonecraft's affairs and her illegitimate child, they were seen as shocking. Mary Godwin read these memoirs and her mother's books, and was brought up to cherish her mother's memory.


1797-Mary Shelly is born.1814-She had a relationship with a man who was still married.1815-Mary gave birth to 2 babies, one died of premature.1816-Percy and Mary fled after his wife killed herself.1817-Completed her novel Frankenstein.1818-Book was published.1822-Mary Husband dies and she becomes a profesional writter, later she died of a brain tumor.

-Became profesional writer.-She published her book Frankenstein.-Her name is still known today.-Alot of writters are making books like Frankenstein.-the major accomplishment is writting Frankenstein.

Hardships and Obstacles

She affected our world by writting romantic poet and many more things.



The Life and Times of Mary Shelley



INSTRUCTIONSYou are going to be creating a Biography Glog which details the life and times of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. To accomplish this task, follow the instructions closely and make sure that you save your work along the way. Good luck!1. Read and take notes over the section in Plato entitled: 02: Frankenstein: A Monster is Born.2. Complete the approriate areas of this template with information from Plato.3. Search for 2 images on the web that relate to Mary Shelley or her novel, Frankenstein. 4. Find a school appropriate video of no more than 3 minutes that is related to either Mary Shelley's biography or the novel, Frankenstein.5. Use EasyBib or another citation generator to cite your work cited information in MLA format at the bottom of this page.


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