The Life And American Culture

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Social Studies
American History

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The Life And American Culture

The number of people living in the colonies continued to grow. Immigration and women having large families greatly added tro this growth. Most people in New England lived in well-organized towns.Farming was the main economic activity in all of the colonies.Farmers practiced substinence farming, when they produed just enough to meet their families' needs.Most Northern farmers relied on their children for labor.

Name: Olivia Blackwell Date: 10/13/14

Northern colonial cities were the enter of the shipping trade. They linked the Northern and southern colonies.New England ships sailed south along the atlantic coast and traded with the colonies and islands in the West Indies.Colonial merchant ships followed many different routes. some followed routes called the triangular trade because the routes formed a triangle.Enslaved Africans were shipped to America in exchange for goods.Slaves were transported through the middle Passage, a shipping route to the West Indies.


New England also had a large number of small businesses such as printing, furniture making, etc.Ship building was also an important industry. The lumber came by nearby forests and was transported wons rivers to the shipyards.The region also relied greatly on fishing. Some people hunted whales for oil and whalebone.


Lesson 4.1: The life and American culture that was evolving in the British colonies during the mid-1700’s - New England


The Middle Passage

English settlers learned how to hunt whales from Native Americans. Oarsmen rowed boats within range, and whalers hurled harpoons wih an attatched line into the whale. The animal was killed and towed to shore. It was used to make corsets, collars, and other products.

Slaves were treated aboard ships in the Middle Passage. they we chained together with very little space. Those who died were thrown overboard, and those who refused to eat were wipped. Those who survived had to face the slave market


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