The Lewis and Clark

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The Lewis and Clark

The Lewis and ClarkExpodision

Sacagawea was a real good help at the expodision. Let me tell you a little about her... when she was younger she got kidnapped by Hidisa indians then she was sold to a french guy named Charbonnou he was a JERK. Then she was forst to marry him. A couple years later Lewis and Clark asked if Her husband and her would like to come on the expodision they said yes and went on Sacageawea was the only girl on the Expodision. Febuary 11, 1805 a baby was born and it was Sacagewea's baby named Jean Baptiste [also Pomp.] They came aross Shoshone near the Rocky Mountians they needed horses so they asked the shoshone chef witch Sacagewea found out was her brother. She was so exited to see him again. Sence they had Sacagewea he let them have the horses and they when over the rocky mountians and on the way meet lots of other indians. After the expodison Sacageawea had a baby girl and named her Lisette on December 22, 1812 and then died of putrid fever she had her whole adult life. Even though she was 25 when she died she made a difference in our lives.

Lewis and Clark were the Leaders of the Expodisions they made maps and journels and they showed the right way to go. Willam Clark was born August 1,1770 in Caroline Country. He lived with 9 other siblings growing up. He died September 1,1838 of old age. Marywether Lewis was born August 18,1774. He grew up with 1 other sibling. He died October 11,1809 of suicide.



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