The Lesson of the Moth

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The Lesson of the Moth

The Poem is untraditonal and doesn't follow any rhyme or rythem

ImagerySimiles are used in the poem. For example, "We are like human beings" compares the moth to a human. Theres also metaphors "We wad all our life up into one little roll"

The Lesson of the Moth

i was talking to a moththe other eveninghe was trying to break intoan electric light bulband fry himself on the wireswhy do you fellowspull this stunt i asked himbecause it is the conventional thing for moths or whyif that had been an uncoveredcandle instead of an electric light bulb you wouldnow be a small unsightly cinder have you no sense

and before i could argue himout of his philosophyhe went and immolated himselfon a patent cigar lighter i do not agree with him myself i would rather havehalf the happiness and twicethe longevitybut at the same time i wishthere was something i wanted as badly as he wanted to fry himself ---archy

plently of it he answered but at times we get tiredof using itwe get bored with the routineand crave beautyand excitement fire is beautiful and we know that if we gettoo close it will kill us but what does that matterit is better to be happyfor a momentand be burned up with beautythan to live a long timeand be bored all the whileso we wad all our life upinto one little rollthat is what life is forit is better to be part of beautyfor one instant and then cease toexist than to exist foreverand never be part of beautyour attitude toward lifeis to come easy go easywe are like human beingsused to be before they becametoo civilized to enjoy themselves

Sound devices in this poem are minimal. An example of a sound device in this poem would be the alliteration "we wad".

This poem is not just about a moth frying himself. It's much deeper than that. This poem in a symbolic way tells the reader of the different philosophies of life some animals including humans have. You could live a short live to the fullest and be happy. Or you could live life safe and have live longer.

By: Don Marquis