The Lemonade Crime

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The Lemonade Crime

Author: Jacqueline Davies


Problem and Solution-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Jessie and Evan had a lemonade war on who could make the most money. The prize is they could keep it all. Jessie made more money than Evan and he stole her money from her lockbox and put it in his pocket. He went to a pool hangout at hs friends.When he came back,the money was gone! Everyone tries to find out who stole the money by having a kid court. They think this kid named Scott did it. They don't prove it but Scott still gives back the money.

My Favorite Quote-------------------------"Scott Spencer got an Xbox 20/20.Where do you think he got the money for that???"--------------------------Reason:This qoute is importantbecause it gives another clue that Scott Spencer stole the money of 208 dollars.

Settingsat schoolon the basketball court Evans and Jessie's house

Main CharactersEvan a.k.a. The VictimJessie a.k.a. The BrainsMegan a.k.a. The HelpScott a.k.a. The Blame

The Lemonade Crime

Who's Who Jessie is the brainiac in this story. She is very good in math but not so well in people. Feelings is her worse subject. Unlike her sister, Evan is a total people person. He is not a school person, though. He rather prefer hanging out with his friends than study for a test.

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Cliff Hanging end----------------------Who do you think stole the money? Will the truth, and only the truth, come out in court?And if it does, will justice prevail? You can find out all these quetions by readig this book!

Favorite Part--------------------------------My favorite part is when Megan helps Scott even if she think he stoll the money.

Opinion----------------------My opinion is the book is a very sweet story with Jessie defending her brother like that. She organized the whole thing just for him..


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