[2015] Emma Friderici: The Legacy Of Gerald R Ford

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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[2015] Emma Friderici: The Legacy Of Gerald R Ford

The Legacy of President Gerald R. Ford

Early Life-born on July 14th, 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska-parents divorced, moved to Great Rapids Michigan-played football and downhill skied in highschool-went to law school at Yale University-enlisted in the United States Navy

Political Involvement-volunteered for Wendall Wilkie's presidential campaign -elected into House of Representatives and help position for 25 years -became House Minority Leader

Presidency -came into presidency because of President Nixon's resignation -sent $700,000,000 in military and people-helping assistance to South Vietnam -reformed CIA after Watergate Scandal-pardoned President Nixontraveled to many countries to attend meetings


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