The Legacies of the Greeks

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The Legacies of the Greeks

The Legaciesof the GreeksBy: Graeson Smith

ArchitechtureThe orders of architecture were handed down to us from the Greeks and you can still see them to day on government buildings, museums, houses, public librarys, and universitys. You saw them back then on temples, the Agora, the Acroplis, government buildings, and also houses.

Advanced Ship BuildingAdvanced ship building was first started in Greece with triremes. Today we have littoral combat ships (which are built with engeins not 3 rows of oresmen). They are alike because they both have good manuverability and speed.

The Parthanon

A Library

DemocracyThe democracy we have today was started over in Greece. They had lawyers and the Scale of Justice. They had court rooms and also they had a democracy like we do. Though they had a direcect democracy, while we have a representitive democracy it is a democracy none the less.

OlympicsThe Olympics were handed down to us from the Greeks. The Olympics was a religous festival for Zuse. When you won a sport you would gt an olive wreath instead of a maedal like we do today. They would train at gymnasiums (dirt lots with a building around it).

Advanced WeponaryAdvanced weponary was handed down to us from the Greeks. The greeks came up with the ideas of catupults and the phalanx. Alexander the Great camup with siege engines. Today we have advanced wepons like guns, tanks, and other working mechinizums.

Museums and Librarys Museums and librarys were handed down to us by the greeks. Alexander the Great started the first museums and librarys to keep knowledge for the greeks and future rulers to the kingdom of greece. Today we have librarys to keep information on the past in and to keep books for enjoymnt in.

First -Hand HistoryThe greeks gave us first-hand history. Unlike other cultures, the greeks gave us first-hand history. This means that they didn't get info from friends of friends who were in the war, it means they interviewed the people that were in the war to get real facts. We get facts by interviewing others too.

Learning CentersThe greeks gave us places to learn. The lerning places were often in the open parts of the acroplis or shopping areas. The pilosaphers taught in the streets, though Aristotile taught in his own school, the acedemy. Today we have schools and universities.

TheaterTheater was handed down to us by the greeks it was a rekigious festival to honor the god Dionysus, the god of parties and wine. They let slaves out of prison for free to watch theater. They also had only men actors. Today we still have theater but is not a religious festival, it is ment for fun.


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