The Learning Environment

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Social Studies

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The Learning Environment

Ideas to Consider

library to learning commons

Allow for student input to "authenticate" (MacKenzie as cited in CLA) the process and attract curiosity. Students will be more invested in the space and its use.

Student Ownership

Give careful thought to environmental print, furniture arrangement and style. Creating a supportive atmosphere will affect student perception of the space (Hymen, 2014).

Engaging and Welcoming

Physical Design

freedom to gather in groups

engaging environment

find out what students want

The physical layout of the LLC needs to be conducive to collective learning experiences. Comfortable sharing spaces and quieter working areas are needed (Hymen, 2014).


Space needs to allow for group work and groupings that change according to needs and interests (Brooks Kirkland, 2013). The LLC is a shared meeting space (Davies, 2014).

Plan and design comfortable learning and meeting spaces. Take out any unecessary items and use smaller shelving (CLA, 2014). Embed motivating print displays to create a thoughtful tone (Hyman, 2014). Also consider the impact of colour.

Students are more successfully engaged when they feel part of the process and can take initiative in using the space (Davies, 2014).

The Learning Environment


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