The Leadership of Joseph

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The Leadership of Joseph

Joseph hadpatience, integrity, and vitality of a leader who teaches by example. He was fearless and courageous whenmet with adversary.

The Leadership of Joseph

Accentuate the Positive

The POWER of FORGIVENESS is a BLESSING to those who RECEIVE it from another. The POWER of FORGIVENESS is a GREATER and MORE MIGHTY tool to those who OFFER to GIVE it.

Joseph, the DreamerThe Bible, English Standard Version.Genesis, Chapters 37-50.

Lessons to be learned from Joseph include facing challenges and keeping faith that honesty will prevail. Most importantly, be your authentic self even during times of strife.

Latch on to the Affirmative

Misfortune followed Joseph. His older brothers were jealous of their father's favoritism.He was sold intoenslavement, jailed, and wrongly accused.

Eliminate the Negative

Bing sings it best... he should have mentioned Joseph!


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